Further Information:

If you’re sending a project our way – here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.) Bubble Wrap/Air Bags/Packing Peanuts are not going to keep your engine parts safe.

2.) No RMA number needed

3.) Include your NAME/SHOP, CONTACT INFO, and RETURN shipping information in a note ATTCHED TO or INSIDE of the box (don’t write it on the crank or on the actual box itself)

4.) Crankshafts and components must be clean and free of oil with any allied component removed – gears, pulleys, dampers spun bearing inserts – Shaftech, Ltd is not responsible for removing or returning any of these things to you.

Appointment Required For Pick Up or Drop Off

Mon: 9a - 3p

Tues: 9a - 3p

Wed: 9a - 3p

Thur: 9a - 3p

Fri: 9a - 3p

Ship To:


237 Stanford Parkway

Findlay, OH 45840